Residents of Brant:

Unfortunately, the issue of the garbage dump refuses to go away. We must ask you all to get involved in protecting our environment and our community. A few families in the community will profit financially from the garbage dump. Some have been offered two to three times the true value of their property. Naturally, they do not want this project to end. Some of us have turned down the money because we cannot think of a price high enough to compensate us for the health and safety of our families or the corruption of our environment and community.

Your Brant neighbors will be coming door to door to ask you to again sign a petition against the dump. Take a careful look at the facts and decide for yourself whether you want the town to continue to look into turning 1,000 acres of Brant into the largest garbage dump in the state.

Consider this: If you had been paid at least twice what your property was worth and had a 1,000 acre garbage dump in your back yard, would you stay here or move? Keep that in mind next time you hear people shouting about how GOOD the garbage dump will be for the town of Brant. (see what they are promised)

Finally, how high is your price for what you will leave behind for your children and grandchildren to clean up. Keep an eye out for your fellow neighbors coming around with a petition. The next Brant Town board meeting is December 12. (Next Meeting)

From your "Friends and Neighbors against the Brant Garbage Landfill"