SEE Friends and Neighbors: Dissolving the Delusion below letter for THE FACTS

Dec. 8, 2000
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Residents of Brant
Recently many of you were asked to sign a petition against the proposed Landfill. The folks who feel the Landfill will harm the community have stated this facility would:

  1. "leak 20,000 gallons a day (gpd) into the secondary safety liner, 160 gallons per day allowed to leach into the environment" is incorrect.. There will be approximately 2,000 gallons per acre-day (gpad) collected in the primary leachate collection system. The leachate is then sent to a wastewater treatment plant via the sanitary sewer line or by tank tmck. No more than 20 gpad is found and collected in the secondary leachate collection system. Regardless, if landfill leachate were to pass through both the primary and secondary liners, it would also have to pass through clay soils around the site. The soil's lack of permeability (less than 1" per year) reduce the possibility of groundwater contamination to near zero, and enhance cation exchange.
    As a comparison, the average family produces 400 gallons a day of wastewater. Today (and everyday) the residents of Brant will release approximately 300,000 gallons (150 households without sewer service times 400 gallons a day) of untreated material into the environment due to the lack of a sanitary sewer system throughout the Town. These materials are genemlly of higher toxicity than the leachate, which is collected and treated.
  2. "a 1000 acre garbage dump" will be put in Brant. My proposal states "we have approximately 400 acres under contract" and "No more than 65% (sixty-five) of the total property may be used for landfill cells" - that is approximately 260 acres of cell. The proposal did state that the overall potential of the site was 1000 acres with 650 acres of cell.
  3. "In 1997 Gerhard and Battaglia sued the Town of Root". We were minority stockholders and employees of a corporation that had cause for an action against the Town. The suit did not involve a penalty to the Town of Root, only an objection to procedure. . We informed the Brant Council of this before submitting our proposal.
  4. In August the Brant Council passed a resolution establishing an "Evaluation Committee". The Town attorney sent correspondence stating "that no action whatsoever on the proposed landfill will be taken at the September 5th. meeting". This was also stated during the August meeting by the Supervisor. At the September 5th Council meeting Ellen Bowman stated she had made a few telephone calls around the state, and read some of Part 360. She then made a motion to dissolve the Committee, which passed.
  5. "100-125 trucks a day visiting the dump" US Rte. 20 is a federal truck route designed to accommodate thousands of vehicles a day. There are more than 125 trucks a day passing through Brant every day carrying solid waste, and Brant receives no benefit from it.
  6. The older studies cited by the opposition were conducted in the early 1980's and identify the problems the current New York regulations eliminate. Current studies show these regulation are effective.
  7. "possible reduction or elimination of the Town of Brant which is approximately 25% of the taxes you pay". The facility operating at 80% of capacity would pay directly to the Town $3,900,000.00 per year, this is more than the total property taxes(county, school, and Town) paid by Brant.
  8. "in May 1999 New Hampshire DES found volatile organic compounds VOC's" specifically MEK and acetone in a monitoring well.. .the source is the lined landfill". In an effort to verify this I spoke with Mike McCloskey at New Hampshire DES (DEC) who stated the contamination was not caused by leachate leaking from the liner system.

The above are a few examples of the inaccuracy and misleading nature of the horror stories the opposition are spreading to keep all the residents from evaluating the information and making their own decision. Have you noticed that no one has put their name to the blatantly inaccurate information they have distributed? They have even gone so far as to accuse Council members of taking bribes when they formed the committee, and have insulted the landowners. This malicious and rude behavior was directed at people who sought to EVALUATE a proposal which could bring substantial benefits to the community. WHY are they so determined NOT TO LET ALL THE PEOPLE HEAR ALL THE FACTS? Possibly the facts do not support their statements? When the proposal was submitted to the Town I said I would provide the residents of the town with all the facts possible to prove "Our claim to the Town is that we can SAFELY establish and operate a SWMF that can provide substantial Tax relief, employment, upgrades in services to the community, and improve the infrastructure of Brant". The committee provided a critical and evenhanded method to establish the realities of the facility, to prove or disprove anyone's claims, and answer all the questions from the residents in an orderly manner. Would this approach not be the sanest way to discover the TRUTH? If you feel a project that could safely eliminate all your property taxes, or pay for sewer and water, reduce your electric bill by half, and provide jobs to the community should be seriously considered let the Town Council know. Attend the Council meeting Tuesday December 12th 8:00 pm at the Town Hall.

Dissolving the Delusion

Item #1 Here we go again...let me explain ONE MORE TIME!

This time on a per ACRE basis (so as not to confuse the FACTS)
  • X amount of Landfill leachate is collected (primary leachate collection) just above the first liner (Primary Liner). Efficiency (according to Gerhard's proposal) of these liners are 98%
    (of which some landfills report to be as low as 90%)
  • 20 gallons/per Acre ALLOWABLE LEAKAGE into the second collection system (secondary leachate collection system), which lies just above our last defence before clay and our environment (and wells) THE SECONDARY LINER.
  • Using the same 98% efficiency
    Lets calculate the leakage....
    100%-98%= 2% leakage
    2% (0.02) X 20 = 0.4 gallons escaping per acre per day.
You choose the dump size....IT STILL LEAKS!
Dump Size

As for comparing landfill Leachate to to home septic systems, this is outright insanity.
Click here...Learn about Septic Systems and compare that to Landfill Leachate... Click here to see
Besides, anyone who has ever lived in a rural area with a septic system knows to becareful of what "goes down the drain". And what is required to maintain biological activity.

Item #2 The proposal did state that the overall potential of the site was 1000 acres with 650 acres of cell. So whats the point? With this proposal the town has NO SAY on permits..building, expanding or siting.
Click here and read for yourself
What this is about is a 1,000 ACRE Garbage Dump!
Item #3 Minority stockholders and employees of a corporation?
Then why is ROBERT GERHARD III, named Individually and d/b/a Gerhard/ALCEN?
Click Here and read The Town of Root DECISION/ORDER
Judge for yourself....If the Town Board was made aware...the residence were NOT!
Item #4 The Friends and Neighbors Againt The Brant Garbage Landfill support the Brant Town Board 100% as well as their Resolutions passed at the September 5th Board Meeting.
The Town of Brant has a law forbidding landfills-
"WE WILL NOT CHANGE THIS LAW"- Supervisor Chiavetta 12/12/2000
Item #5 "There are more than 125 trucks a day passing through Brant every day carrying solid waste, and Brant receives no benefit from it."--The exact number of trucks traveling US Route 20 carrying solid waste is unknown by us..but we doubt it's that many.
How many carry "Hazardous Materials"? How many "Hazardous Waste"?
Should we let them dump here too..then we could benefit from that as well!
Besides, these trucks may pass through our town but they don't stop, idle, and dump their
Item #6 There are many studies done showing problems with lined many to site them all here...some may have been completed in the 80's some even in the 60's, does that make them "NOT VALID"???
Here are just a few studies worth reading:
Item #7 "possible reduction or elimination of the "Town of Brant"
"Love this Typo" (Freudian slip?)...All taxes are meant (we believe?)...
"approx. 25% of the taxes paid are Brant taxes"-Supervisor Chievatta
Taxes are based upon assessed value of your property then proportioned based upon tax base required.
Sounds like a few large property owners would really benefit while those of a modest means not so much.
Besides Lake Shore Central Schools cover more than just Brant and this proposal effects more than just Brant.
The proportioned tax rate for school taxes would become a debate on its own.
No one is saying income to the town would be bad.
But at what cost? Our Future? Our Towns Future? Our Childrens Future?
We Think..NOT.
Item #8 "in May 1999 New Hampshire DES found volatile organic compounds VOC's .. .the source is the lined landfill".
Click Here and read Two Reoprts concerning VOC's in Monitoring wells
** Pay close attention to item 4 in the first letter.

The only horror story told is that anyone would consider putting a Landfill of this magnatude in The Town of Brant !


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