The Hamburg Sun
(Thursday, July 13, 2000)
Brant residents: 'Nix the Nextel Tower'

Officials hear proposal for solid waste management facility

This is a rural farming community and we don't need big business coming in here and telling us farming people what we need."

So said Phil Pericak, a member of the Brent Planning Board and owner of property adjacent to the proposed telecommunication tower on Hardpan Road in Brant. "This will make the fifth cellular tower in Brant. This is a rural farming community and we need to keep it that way," Pericak said at the lengthy public hearing for a special use permit on Thursday, July 11.

Also the Planning Board officially asked the Town Board to deny the request from Nextel Partners of Rochester for a 190-foot-high telecommunication tower and accessory building.

According to Gerry Brophy, of Nextel, the site they chose is on a 50-acre parcel of land. The leased parcel would be 450-by-450 feet and would be between a stand of trees and a grape field. "This is the best spot for us to. place a tower to fill in the gaps we have along the Thruway and in the Town of Brant," Brophy said.

Residents questioned on why they wouldn't use the former town dump, which is across the street.

"There are considerable environmental concerns in that area," said Karl Essler, the attorney representing Nextel. Supervisor Samuel Chiavetta Jr. said the town has been in contact with Erie County Planning Department about the location.

"They said the land east of the 16-inch gasline was not used as a landfill or transfer station and may be suitable for a tower site, said Chiavetta.

Essler said they will take the information and look into it again. During the regular meeting the board heard a presentation by Robert A. Gehard III of Derby to create a solid waste management facility on about 1,000 acres on Cain Road by Hammond Road.

The land is already zoned industrial and has a lot of clay on it, which is good for a landfill," said Gehard. "Right now the town has a law prohibiting privately owned landfills and I'm asking you to consider changing the law.

I need to know the town will allow it before I spend thousands of dollars on studies and tests," Gehard said.

According to Gehard this facility would employ 60 to 80 full-time employees with an additional construction employment on a regular basis for the life of the site (40 to 50 years).

"There is a lot of questions that need to be answered," said Council Member Marty Rosiek. "We aren't going to change laws first and then consider the proposition, There's a lot here that needs to be studied.

John Grennel, the town attorney said he would speak to Gehard's attorney on the proper procedures before any more steps are taken.

Jim Shea, of the ad hock water committee, said it was the groups recommendation to accept Farnham Mayor Terry Caber's ruling that no water be used from the water district to fill swimming pools.

Chiavetta said that money has been collected for the water used by the Fire Department and has been paid to the Water District.

"The money has been given back to the water district and the records are there for anyone to see," said Chiavetta.

"I'm unaware of any monies being received by us from Brant for the water used by them for filling swimming pools," Caber told The Sun Wednesday.

"The residents of the water district bear the burden of these unaccounted thousands of gallons of water. The village is charged for this water and it is reflected in the water rates . . . I'd like to see a copy of those records Sam says he has," said Caber.

The next meeting of the Brant Town Board is Thursday, Aug. .8 at 8 p.m. at the Town Hall.

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