August 19, 2000

Ellen Bowman
Brant Town Hall
Brant North Collins Road
Brant, New York 14027

RE: Town of Brant Proposed Landfill Investigative Committee- Community Member

Dear Ellen,

In response to John Grennell’s letter dated August 17,2000, please find a copy of my resume for review as a community committee member.

As I read this letter it seems as though the committee will consist of John Grennell, Glenn Cooley, a member of the planning board, yourself, and one community member. May I suggest that all eight concerned community persons be allowed to sit, or at minimum the allowance of two community members.

I firmly believe by doing so will relieve any undo concerns that any “collusion” is going on within the town or within this committee.

I would hope that after review of my resume and this letter that I may serve as one of the very concerned community members.

Environmentally Yours,

Mark C. Hageman

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