August 17, 2000

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RE: Town of Brant Proposed Landfill Investigative Committee - Community Member

Dear Sirs and/or Madam:

Thank you for volunteering your services for the investigative committee for the proposed landfill in the Town of Brant.

I am writing this letter to you as town attorney of the Town of Brant. A meeting of this committee is scheduled on September 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brant Town Hall, Brant-North Collins Road, Brant, New York. The committee is to consist of myself as town attorney; Glenn Cooley, town engineer; a member of the planning board; Ellen Bowman, Town Board member; and a member from the community.

I am pleased to see the number of interested people who have asked to serve as the community member on this committee. However, this creates the problem of selecting the community member.

It is my hope that you might assist in the selection process. If there is a consensus among you as to who of you might be the best choice. this would be greatly appreciated. The sooner the community member is chosen, the sooner the real issues can be identified and discussed.

It is requested that you provide a resume outlining your education, employment, and background. The committee will likely be dealing with complicated issues of landfill operation; any knowledge, education. background or experience in this or similar areas will be extremely helpful. Involvement in community activities or other communitv involvmement would be helpful in the committee process. We will ask that you provide these resumes to Ellen Bowman at the Brant Town Hall at least one week prior to the meeting.

(Please note I will have to recommend that individuals who do not own land in the town not serve on the committee since they have no vested interest in these proceedings. It appears that Mr. Small and Mr. Bonberg do not own land in the town. Please advise if this is not correct.)

Enclosed is a copy of the Proposal For A Solid Waste Management Facility, containing a description and summary of the facility and host community agreement outlining the benefits to thetown. I strongly suggest that you be familiar with it in order to further the inquiry process.

It is well recognized that there are many negatives associated with landfill operations, such as vermin. smells pollution etc. One of this committee's duties is to help determine if these issues are dealt with in the proposal and whether the incentives being offered are sufficiently beneficial to the town to offset whatever negatives there are.

In any event, this meeting is an opportunity for all members of the community to be heard whether they are selected for the committee member or not. The Town Board wants to find out the concerns of the community as they relate to this proposed landfill. This is the purpose of the committee.

Incidentally, the regular meeting of the Town Board has been moved up to September 5 because of a conflict with Primary Day. Supervisor Chiavetta has told me to advise everyone that no action whatsoever on the proposed landfill will be taken at the September 5 meeting.

Very truly yours.


John C. Grennell

Town Attorney

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