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January 11, 2001
Brant should have made informed landfill decision

Its' not often the 2,000-resident Town of Brant is thrust into the media spotlight, but one of the biggest issues in a few years to hit the town has sparked debate and controversy at the southern-most edge of Erie County.

Last summer a developer approached Brant officials about a proposal to open a solid waste management facility on approximately 1,000 acres of industrially zoned land on Cain Road near Hammond Road.

The project has drawn a strong backlash with more than 60 persons attending a December Town Board meeting to air their concerns about the plan.

In order for the landfill project to move forward, a local law prohibiting landfills would have to be changed. Opponents to the project say that the law is the law and should not be reversed.

Bringing a landfill into a community is always a sensitive issue. Opponents point to concerns about health issues, environmental issues and possible affects on property values. A petition against the landfill with more than 750 signatures was submitted in the fall.

But not all town residents oppose the project. And there are many positives to having a landfill in a town. First of all, it can be a huge financial windfall. Besides the approximately 60 new jobs it would bring to the community, landfills tend to fill up town coffers through high taxes, thus dramatically lowering town taxes for residents. Secondly, with so much scrutiny in the past few decades, landfills must now follow strict Environmental Protection Agency guide-lines, which should ease environmental concerns.

We're not saying the town should approve the project, however, we do feel that town leaders should have taken the time and effort to research the project more before making a decision to drop the plan. A committee was set up and prepared to examine the issue, but it never got a chance to get anything accomplished with the Town Board's decision in September that it would not look into changing the law.

We don't understand how the Town Board could make such a decision without letting both sides of the issue give their presentations, along with doing additional research. You can't make an informed decision unless you have the information to do so.

Since the issue can be raised again in the future, we suggest that the Town Board reform the landfill committee to examine all aspects of the project.

They may find that this project could be a positive addition to the community, with more jobs and lower taxes. Or they may discover that there are enough concerns to warrant putting the brakes on the proposal.

Either way, more research is needed before a decision can be made.

Friends and Neighbors respond to "phantom editorial author":

we may have found a solution here....
Why don't we invite Mr. Gerhard and his landfill to the Town of Hamburg?
No More Clear Garbage Bags...FREE Pick-up !
And, A New Community Center !
Wouldn't Lakeview Road be the perfect site?
After all, with the "contamination" already present there and many residents unable to sell this would be perfect !
His Number is (716) 549-4107

See Modus Operandi

No..We wouldn't wish him on anyone..Nor would we want a landfill in Hamburg!
The Brant Town Board did exactly what it should have done..VOTED NO !
The Brant Town Board made an intelligent and informed decision...
The research was done..and found NOT POSITIVE FOR BRANT
Remember the only side to submit anything, besides petitions (to support the no vote),
was Mr. Gerhard and the Landfill Proposal. Ours was the side not heard.
The Friends and Neighbors stand by the board 100% (even those in Hamburg)

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